- Prop making, timing, designing, storyboarding, moodboard making

- moving and healing

- Sour Dough Bread making

- Flower Wreath making

- gardening and preparing sprouts, growing, harvesting

- panting and spinning flax to threads

- weaving

- reading


= Props and Graphic Design for cinema

= Sour Dough Bread, Pasta

= Flower wreath, Seedlings

= handwoven carpets

= Knitted Socks and crocheted 

= Tools to process fibres


HWLD: Hello World. Togehter with a group of people, from all over the world we share exchange, through the platform from "Practice held in Common".

Education: Currently I work on a school, where I can apply my knowledge to programming, costume, textiles and graphic design.

woven stories: With Samira Vogel and her Group, I went on a Lama Trekking, where we collected one of many stories about the processing of given resources from Switzerland - Netherlands thill Palestine. It is an ongoing project by them. see:

DASH: Over two weeks, in Brussels and Zurich, together with the artist Isabelle Weber, I devoted myself to questions about the Reduits in the Swiss Alps, the patriarchal image of the curvy figure of the mountains and new feminist role models such as the history of Helvetia: The history of Helvetia.

Philosophy and Values


Value creation:

I believe that humanity has already created a lot and lives from sharing. I create value through mutual exchange and appreciate recycling or the utilisation of leftovers. For me, the concept of value creation also includes noticing the little things and taking care of the details.



+ alternative tourist mapsfrom the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy

+ stack of prop appliance andmaking tools and material

+ a lot of flax fibers

+ work equipped house on the countryside.

+ garden

+ crafted textiles

+ sewing machine

+ stitching machine

+ leather sewing machine

+ wood carving tools

Manual labour/touch/

My hands are my capital. Through playful gestures, my works become personal objects. Because these articulations are also communicative extensions of my thoughts, I control my thoughts through my hands.

If I get stuck, I ask my foot what it would do.



Harmony with nature, consideration, social and economic sustainability:

In the whole drive for action, it is also important for me to train my perception and listen to my environment. When expectations grow and constraints arise, I try to resolve them and actively participate in current events through a satisfactory compromise.

Clarity, comprehensibility:

Less is more and simpler is sometimes more complicated. Through empathy, I try through my work and my words to make children, grandparents and people with disabilities understandable. For me, it is also art that builds bridges.

FLOW through Structure, rhythm, repetition and calming, sense of time, time events, cycles:

From music and also in communication, I orientate myself to rhythms.I also find these in nature and in history. Through repetition, I can bring stability and calm to my process, which contributes to my aesthetic.
By orientating myself on organic planning, phases of concentration, presentation and exchange alternate with each other.
These round forms come full circle at the end of the cycle and inspire new ideas.
Through the structure and the repetitions in and during the work, I can evaluate. The result may be completely different, but the process is the same.


Communication is Key in my collaboration and I amattentive to use Compassionate Communication, to stay on an aware and needbased ground. 


in Studio

I prefer work related information documented in paper,model, text, video, drawing... 

Patience and precision:

My work is characterised by precision and patience; long-lasting repetitive movements enable me to make a product what it should be and not what it has to be. I am in constant dialogue with the material while working and can therefore reassess my work steps in the process and correct and adapt them if necessary. With consistency and caution at work, my approach is very controlled.
I do not accept botched work and throwaway goods.

I ask you to use informations about my work channeled and in calm, no violence is accepted and stay careful expressing in common.


I pay my Activities yet through having a stable income by working at a School and in Movie productions. My goal is to gather as much collaborators, resouces and founding, to be able to self sustain a work, that is more human and adapted to the conditions today. 

for requests


Dear CraftWo/Men and Designers,

A pleasure it would be to read and hear from your practice and find a connection, matching resources or found needs,  to explore and interweave each others practice. 

I nurture from exchange and shared knowledge. 

Kind wishes


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