Is a set and interior designer with a background in art, dance, costume and film.

Geraldine Diem
Heidenerstrasse 47 9450 Altstätten CH - NL Mail:
Geraldine Diem
Heidenerstrasse 47 9450 Altstätten CH - NL Mail:
Geraldine Diem
Heidenerstrasse 47 9450 Altstätten CH - NL Mail:

The joy of immersing myself in the moving image, encourage me to stabilise the beauty of an instant, a movement, a thought and lighten up a sublime fleetingness, that transcends senses.

Strength and essence follow a sensory journey towards a thing, more honest, that improves, what already exists and remind us of the philosophical concept, that, what feels good, is not just aesthetic pleasure and direction, but  the essence of what is beautiful and more than enough.

I make art, that gathers a whole of usefulness, values, kind- and tenderness, that rewinds, what it knows, compassionately reinforces faith, invites care and cares slowly. 

I create beauty of a mesmerizing character, that enrich our relation to each other as part of a whole.

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Prop Assistant:

Dec. 22 - March 23 Requisite, Prop assistant, Jura, CH

June - Nov. 22 Jakobs Ross, Turnus Film, Ticino, CH

Jan. 17 The Wolf‘s Lantern Klodin Erb Zentrum Pasquart, Biel, CH
Feb. - May 18 Fathers Maximilian Merker Theater Lucerne, CH
July - Sept. 22 Hors Saisons, TV series Hector Vladimir Calles Akka and Gaument Films, Besançon, FR

March - July 22 Coded Coincidence, Shylight, Studio Drift, Amsterdam, NL

Costume Assistance:

Nov. 19 - Aug. 20 Wilder III, TV series, Rudolf Jost C-Films, Zurich, La Chaux de fonds, CH

Feb.- April 19 Cybercity Mirko Borst Viscose, Emmenbrücke, CH

Jan. 19 Trickster Lucas Ackermann HSLU, Lucerne, CH

Aug. - Sept. 18 Tryptichon Svetlana Marković, Senta Amacker, Reithalle, BE, LU, CH

Side jobs:
Nov. 21- May 22 Service Restaurant Moshoumi Gosh, Mantra Restaurant, Arnhem, NL
Nov. 21- Jan. 22 Assistant carpenter Fred Mensink workshop, Arnhem, NL

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