My approach towards sustainability is to do less. With awareness, what beautifully calls for care, I take and transform in precision.

A focus on details and connections taught me about interdependencies of humans and the micro insects.

A gaze wanders with me, that loosens that focus, but captures more than what can be seen.

Memorizing the idea of living on a boat, made me clear about the immediate reaction of weather, energy situations and emotions. Discernment in motion as the essence of emotion, loosens conditions. Activated and alerted I dance and develop for balance and fairness.



English: Cambridge C1, exchange in Denver, USA.

French: 6 years, worked 1yin French-Switzerland, Bretagne and Besancon

Spanish: 3 years, 5 weeks in Chile

Dutch: A1+, 2 years residency in NL

Compassionate communication / non-violent communication, consent making


Learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Ableton Standard, Microsoft Office, Blender learning


Wire modelling, technical drawing, sculpting (clay, plaster, silicone, epoxy, wood, draping), drawing, illustration, watercolour, collage, surface drawing, screen printing, weaving


hand sewing, sewing on industrial machines, over look, draping, textile printing, weaving, knitting by hand, machine sewing (Bernina embroidery digitalisation), styling


Classical Ballet (Vaganova by Irene Gasser, American by Linda Britschgi, Mario van Drunick) since 2013, Contemporary: La Veronal, Physical Dynamics, Insights into Streetstyles, Afro, Capoeira, Buto,....

Dancer at

June 2013 Ballet Show Irene Gasser St.Gallen, CH.

June 2018 togetherness Winston Ricardo Arnon Steps Festival, Bern, CH

July 1019 Minton, the sound of fiber Geraldine Diem Theater Luzern, CH

Sept. 2019 Babel and band Klodin Erb Rote Fabrik, Zurich CH

August 2019 La Veronal Laia Duran Riba-Roja de Turia, Valencia, ES

Oct. 2019 Concrete Aggregate State Architectural Dialogue Haus am Kohleberg, Basel, CH

June 20 This dance performance Akku Galerie, Lucerne, CH

July 2020 Upheaval Lucas AckermannJulierpass, GR, CH

Jan. 2022 Conference Julia Heider Danslab, Arnhem, NL

Feb. 2022 De Bedrieger Ramses Papa Danslab, Arnhem, NL

March 2022 Contraction Suspense DocentDans Danslab, Arnhem, NL

May 2022 Working-Tools La Veronal Marcos Moreau Oriente Occidente, Rovereto, IT


Classical piano (6 years of lessons, Anna Danielewicz), guitar, Ableton Standard

Music for:

Nov. 2019electronics huppeldepup Theater Luzern, Lucerne, CH

Oct. 31, 2019 electronics Minton Abyssinia Social Club, Bern, CH

Feb. 2019 sound performance Peppermint on fire Frölicher Bietenhader Kunstpavillon, Lucerne, CH


Architecture, art and design, books, photography, plants

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