Geraldine Diem


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Size M

Shoulders: 100 cm

Waist: 105 cm

Back length: 78cm

Hip: 76cm

Hip to hem: 110 cm

Step: 82 cm

The white trousers fit individual to a lot of dresses, as well as it suits together as trousers and jacket. Both are slightly transparent and flaunt what is in your pokets. The pokiest of the trousers are arranged like the window from the "Haus am Kohlberg" in Basel. The zipper is carefully sewn in as well as an elastic band around the waist. The sleeve of the jacket have a markedly knick around the elbow. 

In this dress I performed "Der Aggregadszustand von Beton" as well as two music performances as "Minton". 

I imagine the scenery of the dress as hospital, a rave or the working dress for a hip coiffeuse. 

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